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Nosewarmer made of fleece which has a band and a nose piece which fits flexibly around the head.

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Nosewarmer - Click here! Regular Nosewarmer

The nosewarmer is warm apparel which is made to warm up the cold nose.  The nosewarmer is made of quality fleece which goes around the head flexibly attached to a nose piece which allows the nose to breath and be cozy, warming up the entire body.

Our Price: $25.99
Filter Nosewarmer

The filter nose warmer is great to wear in order to reduce the breathing in of injurious air particles in the air especially when in a polluted environment.

Our Price: $26.00
SOLAR Nosewarmer

The solar nose warmer is made of soft Solarweave, a material which is touted to be 97% protective of the sun's UV rays. PROTECT YOUR NOSE

Our Price: $26.00
Nosewarmer with ear muffs Nosewarmer with ear muffs

The nose warmer with ear muffs are Great!  They are made of the finest fleece and the ear muffs stay in place as they slide into position on the ears. YOUR NOSE AND EARS ARE SO WARM!  The nose warmer with the ear muffs are wonderful especially for those rugged folks who like to go hunting and other outdoor activities.  FISHERMAN ON THE LAKES DEMAND THESE!

Our Price: $55.00