The Weewee Bag is the greatest tool for housetraining your dog inside and outside the house! The weewee bag directs the dog to what he or she is supposed to do and where!!
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The WeeWee Bag - The greatest tool for housetraining your dog Inside the House!

Weewee bag the greatest tool for housebreaking a dog



The medium bag is 14 inches tall, 12 inches wide.

the large bag is 26 inches tall and 16 inches wide

We can custom make the bag to your desired measurements! Made to Endure!

The weewee bag

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Doesn't your dog deserve his own special spot INSIDE!

The Wee Wee Bag is the greatest tool for housebreaking a dog inside and outside the house.. He shoots his urine at the weewee bag which then drips down to the pad for easy clean-up. The weewee bag resembles the fabulous tree outside.
The dogs really love this weewee bag because otherwise, they would get into Big Trouble!
You have to understand that noone has pointed out their special spot to them INSIDE

The Weewee bag is placed inside the house in a inconspicous place. The weewee bag is placed on top of a dog pad. The dog will void at the weewee bag with the pee dripping down onto the pad. Great!! Just replace the pad!!

This place is the dog's favorite place because he or she can eliminate their urine and not feel that they might get into trouble!

The dog will feel confident and the family will will be so happy! The house will stay clean and beautiful.

Filter Nosewarmer

The filter nose warmer is great to wear in order to reduce the breathing in of injurious air particles in the air especially when in a polluted environment.

Our Price: $26.00
Nosewarmer - Click here! Regular Nosewarmer

The nosewarmer is warm apparel which is made to warm up the cold nose.  The nosewarmer is made of quality fleece which goes around the head flexibly attached to a nose piece which allows the nose to breath and be cozy, warming up the entire body.

Our Price: $25.99
SOLAR Nosewarmer

The solar nose warmer is made of soft Solarweave, a material which is touted to be 97% protective of the sun's UV rays. PROTECT YOUR NOSE

Our Price: $26.00
Nosewarmer is sports apparel which is made from fleece. The nosewarmer warms the cold nose. The nosewarmer has an elastic band which attaches to the nose piece. It fits the nose perfectly and cups the nose in warmth.
Nosewarmer is made from fleece and warms the cold nose.

The nosewarmer is made with soft quality fleece which goes around the head flexibly. The nose portion is attached to a flexible elastic band which goes around the head, warming up the nose and the cheek areas, keeping the nose very warm as well as the body. The nosewarmers are made intricately and fashionably. Styles vary but the regular nosewarmer is the standard. We also have the sporty nosewarmer for that LOOK!!!

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