The weewee bag is made for that lucky dog who has his or her special spot inside the house! The weewee bag directs the dog to what he or she is supposed to do and where!!
Doesn't your dog deserve his own special spot INSIDE!


Doesn't your dog deserve his own special spot INSIDE!

The Wee Wee Bag is the greatest tool for housebreaking a dog. He shoots his urine at the weewee bag which then drips down to the pad for easy clean-up. The weewee bag resembles the fabulous tree outside.

The dogs really love this weewee bag because otherwise, they would get into big trouble, but you have to understand that noone pointed out their special spot to them inside the house!

The Weewee bag is placed inside the house in a inconspicous place. The weewee bag is placed on top of a dog pad. The dog will void at the weewee bag with the pee dripping down onto the pad. Great!! Just replace the pad!!

This place is the dog's favorite place because he or she can eliminate their urine and not feel that they might get into trouble!

The dog will feel confident and the family will will be so happy! The house will stay clean and beautiful.

The dog, he or she is so happy with their new place!

Nose Warmer

The nosewarmer is made with soft quality fleece which has the nose portion which is attached to a flexible elastic band which goes around the head, warming up the nose and the cheek areas, keeping the nose very warm as well as the body. The nosewarmers are made intricately and fashionably. Styles vary but the regular nosewarmer is the standard. We also have the sporty nosewarmer for that LOOK!!!